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What can you expect?

Business Analyst at Tobania, tell me?

You help to look for improvement. And for potential. In short, for the best solution! Finding answers to these challenges, that is your daily "business" as a Business Analyst, and you just love it.

Technology today is all over the place. Every company faces challenges where technology can make the difference. And you like to bring those two worlds of technology and business together. You play an important role in the realisation of innovation at our customers. And that is exactly what makes you happy, isn't it?

You support the business in the design and improvemnt of business processes. You achieve this by picking up on new developments in the market and translating them into efficient solutions for the organisation. At the same time, you offer support in the changes that the organisation whishes to realise.

Who are we looking for?

This puts a smile on your face:

  • You identify the needs in conversations with business stakeholders. Together with your fellow Tobians, you translate them into an appropriate IT solution. For this, you investigate several possible ssolutions and check their feasibility in terms of scope, budget, time-to-market and ability to execute within the IT landscape.
  • You make work preparations and feasibility studies. In these you map out solution alternatives and examine their feasibility in terms of scope, budget, time to market and "ability to execute" within the IT application landscape. After the preparatory work, you deliver the crucial IT deliverables and ensure a handover to the project team. During the execution of the project you follow up.
  • You present your business case to the customer and stakeholders. Thanks to your clear explanation, they can easily make decisions and they get buy-in for the chosen solution. This goes smoothly, because you have worked out a solution that meets the customer's needs, is simple and efficient, and takes account of risks and other conditions.
  • You visualise processes in such a way that they are clear to everyone. You document processes and how we go from 'as is' to 'to be'.
  • You draw up functional test cases on the basis of your analysis. And you carry them out as well. This is important in order to achieve a good result. And that is, of course, what you are going for.
  • You organise demenstrations for the customer and process their possible comments.
  • You work agile: you develop, evaluate and adjust. Always in consultation with your customer.
  • You challenge the customer when time, scope or budget restrictions do not allow you to add certain functionalities.
  • You act as a co-entrpeneur for your customers. You give advice on how technology can help them to realise their business ideas.

What do we have to offer?

Tobania offers you:

  • An indefinite contract
  • A competitive salary with plenty of fringe benefits such as a company car, 12 extra vacation days, lunch cheques and group and hospitalisation insurance.
  • A team of supportive colleagues who will make you feel right at home.
  • The opportunity to turn these colleagues into friends at one - or more - of our awesome events.
  • A chance to develop your telanets in our Tobania.Academy and on-the-job coaching.
  • A clean desk at one of our clients or one of the work islands in Strombeek-Bever (which you can occasionally swap for your jome office).

So... Tobania, who's that again?

Tobania is a dynamic and fast-growing Belgian company. We present ourselves as a Business & Technology Consulting partner for private businesses and governments who want advice, expertise, services and solutions to successfully execute their digital transformation process.

Discover our Tobania galaxy

Salar Rabbani

BI Analyst

You might think that as a consultant you often work alone on a project, receiving only limited support from your colleagues. Nevertheless, we emphasise on working as a team to ensure both personal and business growth. 

Within our data team, we often share our skills and interests to inform team members about the industries, skills or domains we are interested in and have experience in. This ensures that everyone can create their own career path. 

Salar Rabbani

BI Analyst

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