Dive into our #TobaniaStories

Before joining us, it is only natural that you should know what you are getting into. That’s why we’ve selected some of the headliners from our Tobania stories, in order for you to get a first glimpse. Psst, just be aware, our Tobania vibes are catchy and can be quite contagious! 

Data Tapas for snackable data insights

During the extended homeworking period, we found the opportunity to brainstorm about the pitfalls our clients might face in their data journey (from Data Fundamentals to Data Strategy). And yes, it was a success! On to the next Data Tapas for more insights.

Dive into our Data Tapas

Development Talks at Hogeschool PXL

How are development projects elaborated? How do different teams work together on them? And how can we thereby operate out-of-the-box? Our Lead Architect Jan Van Wassenhove shared his experience and insights with the Hogeschool PXL students.

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Get to know our Data squad

Data is gold, and so is our data squad! Why do our team members love their job so much? Perhaps it has something to do with our wonderful colleagues, projects and customers? We simply asked them straight out!

Discover your data dream job
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