Dive into our #TobaniaStories

Before joining us, it is only natural that you should know what you are getting into. That’s why we’ve selected some of the headliners from our Tobania stories, in order for you to get a first glimpse. Psst, just be aware, our Tobania vibes are catchy and can be quite contagious! 

Virtual TOB tasting

Last night, our virtual TOB Tasting in a Box took place. 📦🥂 Not only could our Tobians enjoy an inspiring beer and chocolate tasting together with Werner Callebaut from Bierolade, they could also finally get to know the winners of our TOB Awards 2022. Our main key-takeaway? Tobians sure know the drill when it comes to team spirit and discovering exciting concepts. 🙌

Tobania at PXL

This Thursday we will be present at the Hogeschool PXL job fair. 🌌  Just graduated and got a question about one of our vacancies? Or are you just curious what our wonderful galaxy of Tobians looks like? We are ready to welcome you!

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