Tobania is launching a brand-new Recruitment Academy


At Tobania, we value our talented people, whether they are just embarking on their careers or ready to take the next step in their professional endeavours. And our company keeps growing, with more and more new Tobians and new missions every day. But how can we continue to support this growth?


For Starters and Experts

As our organisation is in full growth and facing the war for talent in the recruitment market, Tobania has established its own Recruitment Academy.

Starting in October, we will organise two in-depth training programmes for recruiters. Our Starter Class is for juniors who have just completed their HR degree and want to kick-start their careers in an innovative consulting environment. The Expert Class is for experienced recruiters, who want to further deepen their recruitment skills and take a deep dive into business and technology consulting.

These two intensive 4-week training programmes offer a combination of training, mentoring and on-the-job learning, delivered by Tobania’s best recruitment experts and a select group of external trainers from our partners.

In four weeks, the new recruiters will get the opportunity to gain expertise and the necessary knowledge to be fully operational on an IT recruitment market. The new Tobians will be trained on several topics, such as interview techniques, employer branding, “IT for non-IT”, consultancy skills, recruitment marketing & technology, and of course everything there is to know about Tobania, our consultants, our clients and our projects.


What’s next for our new recruiters?

After our intensive 4-week classes, our new recruiters will join the HR teams within our business units, where they will be fully operational and take ownership of the end-to-end recruitment process. In addition, they will be able to match potential new Tobians with challenging projects at our clients offices and work on a variety of new HR & Recruitment projects within the Tobania HR community.


Are you an HR enthusiast and would you like to dive into our Recruitment Academy? Well then, just go for it: