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Career opportunities on the horizon


We realise that the prospect of appealing career opportunities is what keeps a lot of employees going, so we’ve found a way to create a stimulating work environment. These are our three growth pillars:

  1. Individual growth paths
    When you feel it’s time for the next step, we’ll guide you through every step on your way. After an orientation meeting, we’ll lay out a realistic growth path with a plan of action. Open communication and transparency are two core values at Tobania.

  2. Junior classes and training
    Starting in a new position or centre of excellence can seem like a big leap of faith, but it doesn’t have to be. We make sure you’ll fit right in. For example, we offer training courses covering diverse topics, from testing automation to project and change management to social skills.

  3. Internal job fairs
    Every year, Tobania organises an internal job fair for all employees. Through this event, everybody gets a chance to get to know the other centres of excellence within Tobania and see what projects they carry out. Why? There are always other opportunities and we want to make sure you find the right one.

“I went from Junior Business Support Officer to HR Software Consultant in 15 months.  I now have a job with a lot of variety, flexibility and responsibility – a perfect match. A big thanks to Tobania’s HR department, who consistently follows up on Tobians working on off-site projects.”

Mathieu Verhoustraeten, HR Software Consultant at Toba HR Solutions.

“My advice to new Tobians? Discuss your ambitions openly during every assessment meeting. Communication is key if you want to grow. And if you want to find out what choices you have, participate in Tobania’s business events – they’re an excellent opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight and quickly expand your internal network.”

Michael Gillaer, Systems Engineer at Corporate IT.

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