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Christophe Soens

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Published on 29-05-2019

Customer event: Test automation using BDD and DevOps

During our Tobania Testing event on May 14, valuable insights were shared with the participants.
We at Tobania care about our customers and we love to share experiences and knowledge with them.  During our Tobania Testing event on May 14, valuable insights were shared with the participants. More than 50 people of multiple companies showed up, who wanted to learn more about why and how to create a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) for test automation in a DevOps environment. A topic close to the heart of our Testing specialists, and by which a long term added value can be proven in complex development and organisations.
Sebastiaan Van Gucht (Business Unit Director of Tobania Testing) and Christophe Soens (Test Specialist) started the afternoon with a rather theoretical explanation on the needs for a pragmatic development and testing approach. Today’s customers have high expectations and therefore organisations need to adapt their development to deliver faster to the market with immediate high quality. To do so, assumptions need to be avoided and it must be possible to deploy functionality fast and continuously. BDD fits the needs, as presented by Sebastiaan and Christophe.
Freddy Schoeters, Solution Architect at Tobania Testing, facilitated a workshop on Example Mapping.  A practice which is used within BDD and which generates very concrete examples of what needs to be developed. This practice is called the “Three amigo session”. All participants experienced the challenges and benefits of such an exercise on the spot.
To make the whole concept of BDD even more tangible, a product owner and a scrum master of LCM (Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten, National Health Service), together with Tom Houttequiet, Test Consultant at Tobania Testing, demonstrated a BDD way of working in a development team, and explained the benefits for the organisation. Their case was received with great enthusiasm.
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