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Hendrik Albrecht

3 mins



Published on 24-07-2019

The end-user as the weakest link

End-users are still the greatest risk factor for a security breach nowadays.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in terms of cyber security?

"Many Belgian organisations don't see enough of what is happening on their network and don't have the capacity to react quickly when a problem arises. Today, however, this has become crucial. Fortunately, new technologies make it possible to take a lot of these tasks out of people's hands and thus focus much more quickly on the right incidents. A good example of this is new technologies that carry out a behavioural analysis of devices, identities and the users behind them. In 2019, end-users are still the weak link that are usually being targeted. There are a huge amount of phishing attacks going on today.”

What's the best way for organisations to deal with this?

"An important factor is harnessing technologies that can monitor users while still respecting their privacy and are able to create deeper correlations based on behavioural analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence,... Security incidents will always be there. It's a question of reacting as quickly and effectively as possible so that a breach can be stopped before any data is leaked. In order to make this possible, it's important that organisations are proactively working on this in advance.”

Is this also the case for smaller organisations?

"The technology required for this can be very expensive. We, therefore, offer this via an OPEX (Operational Expenditure) model, where we make the full technology available for a fixed monthly price, which includes all managed security services. This allows organisations to spread the investment, without any surprises or large initial investment.”

“There are a huge amount of phishing attacks going on today.”
The name of the Business & Technology Consulting company Tobania has been around for five years, but the company has a history going back almost 25 years. This 100% Belgian company counts both large companies and larger SMEs among its customers and has a strong historical connection with the Belgian business world.

Interview with Philippe Michiels, Chief Information Security Officer at Tobania

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