A sneak peek into our intergalactic world

Hi there!
Entrepreneurial, eager to learn, team player … You sure look like a goal-getter, we can tell! What if we told you that Tobania likes ambitious thinking as well? Obviously, you don’t have to take our word for it. We can show you.

Discover our galaxy

Why do we compare our workplace to a galaxy? Well, because it is one, literally. You just never stand still when working with us, as you travel, explore and discover new paths. Day in, day out. Let’s go!

Our story

We need you … to join our <Force>

As a 100% Belgian Business & Technology Consulting company, we’ve spent the last 7 years growing and fine-tuning our services. Today, we have over 1.000 Tobians exceeding the expectations of customers in a wide variety of economic sectors, such as finance, retail and HR. The result: several industry awards and a rock-solid reputation.

A glimpse of our customers

But our story has only just begun! We aim to make the next 7 years even more memorable. And we want you to be a part of our future.

Tobania 3.0 – the galaxy looks bright

Our customer’s digital transformation has become a comprehensive exercise, in which technology is only one piece of the puzzle. That is why we launched Tobania 3.0 in 2021. Our renewed strategy includes a 3-sided offering: valorising business, data and technology. In each of these areas, we aim to fulfil the sky-high aspirations of our customers – and our progress shows that we are on the right track.

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Passionate in all we do

99% of our Tobians feel committed and connected to our company values and culture!

Kim Van Walle

Corporate HR Director at Tobania

Our TOBE values

Because people are at the heart of what we do, we continuously strive to bring you a work experience that offers value. In our recent employee engagement & well-being survey, TOBEpulse, we learned that 99% of our Tobians feel committed and connected to our company values and culture. We are so proud that our employees can identify themselves with our TOBE values and feel at home at Tobania!


It’s as easy as this: if you excel, we excel. That’s why we constantly challenge each other, give and expect constructive feedback, and share opinions and knowledge.


Open communication, that’s how we roll! Our news, big and small, is constantly shared with you as a Tobian via our monthly newsletter or quarterly awesome magazine: TOBEzine!


We provide internal mobility and career & growth plans through our own Tobania.Academy, on-the-job coaching, lifelong learning and internal job fairs. As a digital company at heart, we have excellent workplace tools to accomplish all of this.


Ask any Tobian what defines Tobania. A “yes-we-can” attitude, direct communication lines, an open atmosphere and control of your own destiny will probably rank among the top answers.

Your travel plan


Your take-off

No need to call NASA. Are you joining Tobania? Then you can count on an extensive Take-Off Track that will get you ready for your intergalactic adventure.

To avoid being overwhelmed by information sessions in your first few days, the After-Take-off Onboarding Track on LinkedIn Learning is very useful for newcomers. I like the set-up that you can fit the learning track into your schedule at your own pace in your first two weeks at Tobania.

Lieven Van Den Dooren

Business Controlling Manager at Tobania

Your personalised journey

Whether you are a starter or already one step further in your professional career, you will definitely make leaps forward when joining our galaxy. As great people (yep, that is you!) are at the heart of what we do, we want to prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow through our very-own:


Our Data and Testing Unit have already put it to the test: a few brainstorms, some pizzas and a lot of fresh ideas can gain awesome new insights. No elaborate presentation or specific training, just a moment of informal gathering to toss some ideas on the table and gather with your fellow-Tobians.

Agile growth paths

At Tobania, we don’t want employees that are stuck in a dead-end street, so that’s why we focus on internal mobility. Check our Tobania Stories to see what you can expect from our growth paths.


Your suitcase

To travel our galaxy, you obviously need the appropriate equipment in your backpack. And let’s be honest… it’s filled to the brim! What’s included, except for some lightsabers?

Nice salary and flexible benefits
Challenging projects
Supportive colleagues with a go-for-it mindset
Motivating career & growth opportunities and on-the-job training

Oh, and psst: TOB Cop Challenges, (corona-proof) gaming contests, teambuilding events and Friyay drinks are also part of the deal. Because in the end, it’s all about that TOBE spirit.

A sneak peek of your future

<Big Bang> Events

We regularly refuel our energy levels at one of our Open Bars, Friday Drinks or teambuildings. Does corona ruin the party? No worries, we can just turn that planned celebration into a virtual one.

In 2021, Chef Albert Verdeyen came to brighten things up for us virtually during our NY Party, together with his former bubble contact and sous-chef, our CEO Lode Peeters.
The result? Original home-made dishes. And all that thanks to a box full of goodies delivered to our Tobians’ door.

<Radiating> Customer projects

Our customers, together with our Tobians, always come first. After all, a strong partnership is worth its weight in gold, isn’t it? And let’s just say that the satisfaction on both sides is often so strong that it sometimes results in a beautiful customer testimonial that we will cherish forever!

For example, our customer SD Worx recently came and took a seat on our sofa. And it looked like this:

We love some spontaneous daredevils!

Our Tobania world (“galaxy” as we call it) is constantly in full swing. Would you like to be part of it, even if you might not spot your ideal job opening right away? Then we look forward to receiving your spontaneous application. After all, ambitious enthusiasts are the kind of go-getters we aim for!