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Service Delivery Manager
At Tobania / Solutions
Expert / Professional
Hasselt or Brussels (Hybrid)

Service Delivery Manager

Is Software Development your passion? Is coaching your second nature? Are you interested in Project & People Management? Do you have what it takes to get the job done within time, budget and scope? Is it written in the stars that you should deliver results in teams, by coordinating work and managing change?
As a Service Delivery Manager at Tobania.Development, you will be responsible for the in-time
delivery of projects and guarantee the quality which our Tobania Galaxy stands
for. This position is a mix of service, project and people management and
requires the ability to lead a team of Software Developers, to gather business
requirements and to understand how our services and solutions can address the
customer's challenge or opportunity. Your duty: Defining standards and best practices for the squad. Developing your developers by building up expertise and sharing
knowledge in your squad. Sustaining the personal development and evaluation of your developers
team. Supporting talent recruitment. Collaborating with clients to define requirements and manage
expectations and communication from inception through delivery. Ensuring a stable and consistent methodology for managing customer
relationships. Collaborating with business and technical teams to address all issues
that may affect the project delivery. Creating a balance between competing demands for quality, scope, time
and cost.

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Solution Architect
At the client

Solution Architect

Based on the high-level business needs and his technical understanding, the Solution Architect will compare multiple potential solutions that fulfill both the functional & non-functional needs an propose one of them. Although solution architects often work on IT solutions, such as buying a software package, building own applications or reusing existing applications, it’s more important to also take the impact on the organization and business processes into account. The best solution might even not include any IT change whatsoever. During this process, (s)he will work together with the enterprise architects, other solution architects, development teams, etc. once a solution is agreed upon, the solution architect will need to sell it to a variety of stakeholders, ranging from high management till developers. During implementation, the solution architect supports the different business& IT teams working on it. (S)he also ensures that the solution is implemented in a coherent way across these teams. What do Solution Architects do at Tobania? You have a high level overview of the most important systems and technologies of the organization; You keep updated on the market trends and innovation; You are capable of translating high-level business needs into working solutions (potentially impacting business processes, the organization and/or any number of new or existing IT systems scattered over multiple teams); You lead discussions about the architecture of new systems (considering the organization’s strategy, non-functional requirements, technology, type of architecture and required skills); You guide multiple development teams to deliver a consistent end result; You communicate the proposed solution to different stakeholders (IT management, business stakeholders and developers).

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