Intern Talk: Adrien Taneko


At Tobania, we are passionate about providing people with the opportunity to grow and improve themselves. Including Young Potentials and students, who are about to start their professional journey. Divided over different business units and departments, they are taught the ins and outs of the professional workplace. And they are eager to share their first experiences with you! Featured in this edition: Adrien Taneko, Intern at Tobania’s Testing Community.


Can you introduce yourself briefly, Adrien?

I am Adrien Taneko, based in Haaltert and a third year Bachelor student in Applied Computer Sciences at the Odisee University of applied Sciences. At the moment, I am following the Business Analysis, Software Development and Web & Mobile Developer programs. Within Tobania, you could find me as an intern in the Testing team.


In which unit did you work and what was your role exactly?

I worked in the Testing unit for the Sherpass (recruitment & staffing tool) team, where I was involved in the development of an OData friendly automated test suite to test all OData endpoints of the Sherpass API.


Why did you choose Tobania?

Tobania is well-known within the IT world, but the decisive reason was that I was captivated by a presentation given by Tobania staff at our school. It was the first time I had heard about testing and its benefits, so I said to myself: “Why not give it a try? It could be something cool”. A few years later, I spotted an offer on LinkedIn and I applied.

If you could rate your internship out of 10, how much would it be?

It would be a 9. I really enjoyed working at Tobania and I couldn’t imagine a better project and team. Unfortunately, I live 1,5 hours away from Tobania’s head office (by public transport), so it was quite a challenge for me to get to the office. Fortunately, however, I only had to commute twice a week.


What did your usual workday look like?

My day always kicked off around 9h30 – 10h00. I would take a look at where I had left off the day before, plan my day and attend the daily team stand-up meeting at 10h30. Then I worked until the break at 12h00 and had a meeting with my mentor from the test department at 12h45. For the rest of the day, I picked up my current schedule.


What was the most memorable moment during your Tobania stay?

I have only worked on one project, but the most memorable moment was my first day. I was exposed to a lot of information and wasn’t even sure if I could deliver what was expected of me. It was so exciting as I was facing a new challenge.

“Dare to ask questions! Every problem has a solution, so don’t be discouraged if you encounter an obstacle.”

Could you rely on a mentor during your internship?

Yes, I had an incredible mentor: Sven Blommaert from the Testing Unit. In addition, my colleagues from the Sherpass team were always available to share their knowledge and brainstorm when needed. Thanks to them, I could experience the “Together” value of Tobania to the full.

What learning tools did you get from us in order to grow?

I was provided with many platforms and websites that could help me in my research.

How would you describe our Tobian community in three words?

Solidarity, Dynamism and Passion.


Got any tips for others who are just about to start their internship?

Dare to ask questions! Every problem has a solution, so don’t be discouraged if you encounter an obstacle during your learning process.