Intern Talk: Linn Rademaekers


At Tobania, we are passionate about providing people with the opportunity to grow and improve themselves. Including Young Potentials and students, who are about to start their professional journey. Divided over different business units and departments, they are taught the ins and outs of the professional workplace. And they are eager to share their first experiences with you! Featured in this edition: Linn Rademaekers, Intern at Tobania’s Corporate HR Team.


Can you briefly introduce yourself, Linn?  

My name is Linn Rademaekers, I am 20 years old and this year I am graduating in Human Resources Management at the Thomas More college in Mechelen. I chose HRM because people bring me joy. I am a real people person. I love having a good time, meeting new colleagues, working as part of a team and having a nice chat after work.

In which unit did you work and what was your role exactly? 

My graduation internship took place within the Corporate HR Team. For three months, I showed the best of myself in this team. In return, I gained a lot of experience and discovered many new insights. I participated in the recruitment process and supported employer branding projects.


Why did you choose Tobania?

I opted for Tobania as IT represents the future. In addition, I was also triggered by the job content and the super pleasant company culture. Even as a trainee, you are considered an integral part of the team here, which I can really appreciate. By the way, the office buildings are also fantastic!

“I have learned to communicate on a much higher level than I was used to.”

If you could rate your internship out of 10, how much would it be? And why?

I rate my internship at Tobania a well-deserved 10/10. This may sound cliché, but I could not have imagined a better experience. I have really grown as a person, as well as professionally. Moreover, I have learned to communicate on a much higher level than I was used to.


What did your usual workday look like?

I never had an average working day. Each day was very different and dynamic, which I appreciated. Moreover, I got the chance to plan each day myself. In the morning, I would usually start by checking my mailbox, as even for an intern this can be quite jam-packed. Then I would move on to the priorities for the day, which were usually phone screenings or following up candidates. During the week, there were also two meetings with the team, in which we could discuss the week’s overview.


“The most impressive thing I have been able to do at Tobania is to follow the recruitment process completely independently, as my colleague responsible for it had taken on another challenge.”

What was the most memorable moment during your Tobania stay?

For me, the most impressive thing that I have been able to do at Tobania is to follow the recruitment process completely independently. My colleague who was performing this role took on another challenge. As a result, we ended up without an internal recruiter for a week and a half. I got the chance to take over the process completely. Of course, I planned the important meetings with my colleagues, but I am proud that I coordinated that well.


Could you rely on a mentor during your internship?

My mentor was Naomi Hoornaert, for which I am very grateful. She provided me with great opportunities to develop myself and was always willing to answer my questions. Despite her busy schedule, she made time to talk to me extensively every week.


What learning tools did you get from us in order to grow?

I was given access to the LinkedIn Learning platform to follow training courses. Sometimes we attended a few together with the team. We attended the seminar: “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. It is very nice to make time for development.


How would you describe our Tobian community in three words?

Transparent, familiar and passionate.


Got any tips for others who are just about to start their internship?

Don’t hesitate and go for an internship at Tobania. It’s a great learning environment here, you’ll get top-notch coaching and you’ll be taken to heart.