Life as … a Java Developer – Aksel Erenberk


The majority of our Tobania world (called “the galaxy” according to our Tobians) is populated by our consultants. Each with their own expertise strapped to their backpacks, they head out to our client’s workplace to deliver targeted projects. Perhaps at yours as well? Well, time to get to know them personally! Featured in this edition: Aksel Erenberk, Java Developer.


Can you briefly introduce yourself, Aksel?

I am Aksel Erenberk, 38 years old and living in Brussels. My hobbies include geek-like activities such as board games. Furthermore, I enjoy cycling to the office and hiking during my holidays.

“Java is a widely used language, so the demand for Java Developers is high all across the world.”

What makes working as a Java Developer so unique?

As a Java Developer, you can build software which can run on multiple platforms as Java is platform-independent. Furthermore, Java is a widely used language, so the demand for Java Developers is high all across the world.


How would your colleagues describe you?

Mainly as confident, efficient, smart, relaxed and a team-player.


Who inspires you?

My team members!

What is your go-to productivity trick?

Taking short breaks during the day and having a cup of tea, as well as using large monitors.


How can you stand out as a Java Developer?

Anyone can be a Java Developer, but sometimes it’s all about the specific in-depth knowledge. For example, I apply the Clean Code Principles thoroughly.


If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself at the beginning of your career?

Invest in bitcoins and real estate.

“Solving complex problems gives me a professional high.”

What gives you a professional high?

Solving complex problems.


Do you have any mentors in your professional life?

I don’t really rely on mentors, but I do have many sources of inspiration and collaborators.


Do you have the ambition to be a mentor for others? 

In some ways, I already guide my teammates in their day-to-day activities.


What skill did you develop during your career that was worth all the effort?

I learned to sharpen my social skills in order to work efficiently as a team player. This way, I could also count on professional friendships at the office.


What does your desired future look like?

I would like to continue to grow and become an expert Java Developer.


Why should a fellow Java Developer join you at Tobania?

Tobania is a company in which you will get the opportunity to work for leading customers in all sectors. Its core values are driven by honesty, integrity and innovation. In addition, you will be provided with a bundle of learning opportunities.