Life as … a Performance Tester – Jelle Bellemans

#TobaniaStories   |   17 05 2023

The majority of our Tobania world (called “the galaxy” according to our Tobians) is populated by our consultants. Each with their own expertise strapped to their backpacks, they head out to our client’s workplace to deliver targeted projects. Perhaps at yours as well? Well, time to get to know them personally! Featured in this edition: Jelle Bellemans, Performance Tester.

What is a Performance Tester?

A Performance Tester is responsible for testing and evaluating the performance and scalability of software applications, systems and networks. The primary goal is to ensure that the application, system or network can handle the expected load and number of users, transactions and data without degrading performance or causing downtime.

Based on the performance test results, the Performance Tester provides recommendations and feedback to Developers, Architects and other stakeholders on how to improve the performance and scalability of the application, system or network. A Performance Tester also works with other teams to optimise configurations, tune settings and apply performance improvements.

Overall, his/her role is crucial to ensure that applications, systems and networks can meet the performance and scalability requirements of end users and stakeholders.

Can you briefly introduce yourself, Jelle?

I started working as a Test Specialist for the business unit Tobania.Testing in April 2019. Through continuous learning and some trial and error, I am now growing further into role of Test Specialist, focusing more deeply on Test Automation and Performance Testing. In the past, I already covered several projects related to performance testing. And I am already looking forward to working on some new ones!

What makes working as a Performance Tester so unique?

Working as a Performance Tester can be really unique and fulfilling as it requires technical expertise, collaboration and impactful contributions to the project. 

Who inspires you?

Thomas Edison is one of the people who inspire me. He is best known for inventing the light bubble, but he faced many failures and setbacks before his invention actually worked. An essential lesson he taught is to stay motivated and keep learning, even if you encounter difficulties or setbacks. I also love one of his quotes: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work.”

What is your go-to productivity trick?

An effective way to improve my productivity is to block time in my calendar for important tasks, and to combine this with focusing on entering tasks in the morning by using time blocking. This technique helps me reduce distractions, and enhance focus on the most mission-critical tasks.

How can you stand out as a Performance Tester?

In my opinion, you need to possess a technical backpack, be detail-oriented and communicate well. This will enable you to deliver value to the team and improve the quality of applications, systems or networks.

If you could go back in time. What would you say to yourself at the beginning of your career?

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks and to try new things. The only way to learn and grow is by stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t go as planned. Everyone makes mistakes. It is important to learn from them and move on.

““I find it rewarding to work with a team and witness the joint effort resulting in a successful outcome.””

What gives you a professional high?

From my perspective, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after successfully completing a challenging project is what gives me a professional kick. I also find it rewarding to work with a team and witness the joint effort resulting in a successful outcome. Moreover, receiving positive feedback and recognition for my work from colleagues or customers makes me feel proud and motivates me to keep pushing myself to improve and excel in my profession. 

Do you have any mentors in your professional life?

In my professional life, I have been fortunate to have collaborated with several mentors who have greatly influenced my growth and development. One of my most notable mentors is Sven Blommaert, a highly experienced Solution Architect within our Testing Community. Through our internal coaching programme, Sven has guided me and provided valuable insights in the field of Testing.

Besides Sven, I also learned a lot from Mante Bos and Freddy Schoeters. Their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields have been invaluable in enhancing my understanding of various aspects of my work.

Mentors like Sven, Mante and Freddy have been a tremendous asset to my career. Their wisdom, support and mentorship have not only helped me face challenges, but have also contributed significantly to my professional growth and success.

““I aim to be a reliable and supportive mentor, enabling others to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.””

Do you aspire to be a mentor for others?

Yes, I strive to be a mentor to others. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge, guiding others and supporting them to reach their full potential. Just as I have benefited from the mentorship of people like Sven Blommaert, Mante Bos and Freddy Schoeters, I hope to return the favour by offering my expertise and support to those who can benefit from it.

Being a mentor means not only sharing knowledge, but also actively listening, understanding the needs of mentees and supporting their growth and development. I aim to be a reliable and supportive mentor, enabling others to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

What skill did you developed over your career that was worth all the effort? 

I can’t think of one exact skill. I believe that as a consultant, you develop many various skills. One of them is flexibility, but also the ability to communicate with different types of people.

What does your desired future look like?

My desired future as a Performance Test Engineer is to continue to grow and excel in my field. I aspire to become an expert in performance testing, mastering the latest tools, methodologies and technologies.

Why should fellow Performance Testers join you at Tobania?

Performance Testers should consider working at Tobania as it offers a unique and special working environment. Tobania promotes collaboration and innovation, offers diverse projects in different sectors, emphasises professional growth, has a supportive and experienced team, and values work-life balance. These factors make working as a Performance Tester at Tobania a rewarding and fulfilling experience.