Rewatch our Java MeetUp – The Fast and the Furious


On Wednesday 21 September, Tobania’s Development Community organised the Java MeetUp – The Fast and the Furious. Were you there, and would you love to take some time to rewatch the full session? Or are you just super curious about what our Java get-together entailed, and would you love to fully catch up? Then you’re in the right place!

Content Summary of the Session

During our Meetup, our speakers on duty Jan Van Wassenhove (Lead Architect at Tobania) and Sébastien Vanpe (Java Architect at Tobania) discussed how Java development has evolved to become perfectly suited for Cloud-Native development and how GraalVM is (and will be) deployed. In addition, they immersed themselves in frameworks such as Quarkus, Micronaut and Spring Native and also provided a practical demonstration of their use during a “theory in practice” session.

Relive our session

Feel like rewatching the session in full? Or would you like to take a look at the presentation slides themselves? You can find our recording and presentation below. Have fun learning, and see you soon at our next event!