10 Benefits of Working as a Consultant

#TobaniaStories   |   02 05 2023

How consultancy can accelerate your professional development and success.

Ever considered working as an IT or Business Consultant? Well, you will discover that this career choice could be very rewarding. After all, as a Consultant, you get the opportunity to assist your customers in optimising their technological systems and processes, or improving their business strategy and operations.

Did we spark your interest? Well, then be sure to delve further into the ten consultancy benefits we have listed for you!


Our Tobian Definition – Consultant, noun [ C ]
A Consultant is an expert hired to provide advice and guidance in a particular field or industry. For example, in Software Development, Change Management, Data Analytics or Software Testing. He or she assists our customers with solving problems, improving performance and achieving goals. Besides his/her current customer project(s), our Tobania Consultant also has a home base at our headquarters that sends them to different projects and supports them in their career moves.

1. Never not learning

As a Consultant, you recognise that continuous learning and development are essential to remain relevant, effective and competitive within your field. At the customer, you will have the opportunity to continually develop new skills and stay abreast of technology trends, ensuring that your work remains interesting and challenging, and provides personal growth opportunities.


2. Flexibility is key

Consulting firms like Tobania usually offer flexible working arrangements, such as remote working, flexible hours and the possibility of working on a project basis. This ensures a better work-life balance and allows you more control over your own daily schedule.


3. Entrepreneurial is your middle name

As it’s one of our TOBE values this is an important one for us. Most consultants enjoy working on new and innovative projects. This raises the sense of excitement and creativity at work and allows you to have a greater impact on your clients’ businesses. This, in turn, creates a positive work culture that is focused on innovation, collaboration and personal growth.

“At the Christian Health Insurance Fund, our Tobania Consultants helped automate doctor and hospital bills to make life easier for many individuals.”

4. Working with impact

As a Consultant, you assist customers in solving complex problems and achieving their goals, which can be very satisfying and rewarding. Doing so can create a sense of purpose and fulfilment in your work. Tobania prides itself on its impactful projects, such as collaborating with CM, at which our Tobians helped automate doctor and hospital bills to make life easier for many individuals.


5. Professional development as common thread

Consulting firms invest in the professional development of their employees by offering training programmes, mentoring and career advancement opportunities. This can help you develop new skills and progress along in your career. Our Tobania TOBuddy programme, for example, is one of our successful growth stories. Jan Van Wassenhove – Lead architect: “While a standard mentoring programme usually assumes a hierarchy, certain seniority or background experience to coach or mentor a colleague, our TOBuddy programme focuses on open dialogue and two-way conversations.”


6. A deep dive into different industries

As a Consultant, you will be given the opportunity to work with clients in a variety of industries, which will introduce you to different sectors and allow you to build a diverse skill set. This can be particularly beneficial if you want to broaden your career horizons. At Tobania, we have projects in multiple industries: from financial institutions, to manufacturing over public companies.

“The best way to become more skilled is to learn on the job from your peers and co-workers.”

7. Teamwork makes the dream work

Most of the time, you work in teams, creating a collaborative and supportive work atmosphere. The best way to become more skilled is to learn on the job from your peers and co-workers. This is done by actively collaborating, asking questions, observing their work, requesting feedback, being open-minded and willing to try to learn and improve continuously.


8. Work-life balance, check!

Consulting firms understand the importance of a proper work-life balance and offer various programmes to support this. Well-being also ranks high on the priority list. Informal meetings and self-care learning sessions are part of the standard Learning & Development offer at Tobania. This can help you maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, both at work as well as in your private life.


9. Sharpening people skills

As a consultant, you will work with a variety of clients and stakeholders, each with their own unique perspectives, goals and challenges. This experience can help you develop empathy, communication and collaboration skills, which are highly valued in a multitude of industries. You will also learn to adapt to different working styles and environments, which can broaden your horizons and make you more versatile throughout your career.


10. Getting rusty? No. Progressing your career? Most definitely!

Working as a consultant involves rapid growth and development. By working on diverse projects and with different types of customers, you will gain diverse experience and constantly learn new skills. The feedback and coaching you get from both clients and colleagues can also support you to improve and progress faster in your career.


So, what do you think? Are you considering working as a Consultant?
Well, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our Talent Recruiters and to check out our vacancies here: jobs.tobania.be.