My Mentor & Me – Sabien Platteau & Annelies De Ceulaer 


Since we love to see our Tobians learn and grow, we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at our mentorship programmes. So, we caught up with Sabien Platteau and Annelies De Ceulaer. They are respectively mentor and mentee within the programme, as well as close colleagues within the same business unit.

Sabien Platteau – Mentor & Business Analyst at Tobania.Business  


Can you briefly introduce yourself, Sabien?  

Hi, I’m Sabien, I have been working at Tobania.Business for three years now as a Project Manager, and started as a Business Analyst. Previously, I had been working within the travel industry for 11 years and grew from a Support role to Project Lead, Business Analyst and Product Owner – role. In these roles, I felt the itch to do more with this and so, the switch to consultancy was initiated. This was definitely the best career switch for me! 


You take on the role of mentor. Can you briefly explain how this happened?  

I committed myself to growing within Tobania, to develop into being a consultant, and to get good support from my mentor. Because of the interest in coaching and the mentorship programme, I jumped into mentoring a full year later. I now find myself in that role for two years. 


Why did you decide to join the mentor programme? 

I have always been attracted to coaching, so I did not hesitate for long to be part of the mentorship programme myself. This programme contributes so much in values for both a mentor and a mentee. 


What motivates you to succeed as a mentor? 

Being a good mentor means so much: having an attitude and passion to help others develop, and being able to listen. And by doing so, becoming able to grow in this yourself as well. 


What do you consider your biggest strength as a mentor? 

As a mentor, I will remain respectful to my mentee. I listen, and I am willing to help think along, to share my own experiences and to motivate. For me, it should not all be too forced or formal. An open and casual chat now and then is fine. Another thing is to learn and grow from each other, and ultimately take the TOBE values (Together, Open, Bright, Entrepreneurial) to heart.


How would Annelies describe your mentor style? 

I think she would describe me as an open and transparent mentor, ever helpful, listening, and available for a question or conversation. 

How did your previous experience prepare you for this role? 

In my previous “contact centre” work experience within the travel industry, I was allowed to attend coaching courses. I experienced this as an extra in functioning in a managerial position. In this role, when problems and ambiguities arise, it is important to be able to speak to or guide someone in a friendly and correct manner. 

Can you give an example of a moment you are most proud of? 

I am especially proud of being able to listen, challenge and help think along to provide appropriate growth and support for my mentee Annelies. This both in personal coaching and in suitable training together with HR. 


Got any tips for others who would also like to take on the role of a mentor? 
  • Learn to appreciate each other as persons, and provide trust and respect in doing so.  
  • Listen to what is said, as well as how it is said.   
  • Guide and challenge, but avoid managing. 

Annelies De Ceulaer – Mentee & Business Analyst at Tobania.Business 


Can you briefly introduce yourself, Annelies? 

Since December 2021, I am proud be able to call myself a member of the Tobania.Business family. I am currently assigned as a Functional Analyst at my first customer. 


Can you tell us how you were introduced to your mentor? 

My first meeting with Sabien was during my second interview with Tobania. The very enjoyable meeting with her was very convincing for me to join Tobania. So when I heard that she would be my mentor, I was very thrilled. 

Why do you think relying on a mentor like Sabien is so valuable? 

As a starter, it is a comfort to know that you can always turn to your mentor for questions, advice, help or just a small chat. 


What do you enjoy most about learning from a mentor?  

The tips and tricks a mentor can provide through their experience, are priceless. A mentor can inspire, motivate and help me achieve the goals I set for myself based on his/her experiences and obstacles. 


What do you think is the key quality of a mentor? 

It is difficult to identify just one core quality. I think an ideal mentor for me is an experienced, enthusiastic person who is willing to listen to me, who can provide me with honest feedback, but who occasionally has time for a cosy chat or a good laugh as well.  


What is a challenge you are currently facing in your career that Sabien is helping you with? 

To define my growth path. What role(s) do I like and where do I want to work towards in the near and distant future? 


Can you give an example of a skill that you have been able to develop thanks to Sabien’s training? 

I’ve quickly learned not to be afraid of taking initiative, to make some suggestions, to think along with the company and to grab opportunities when they occur. 


What do you still want to grow in? 

I want to grow further as an Analyst and develop some more technical expertise. 


Got any tips for fellow mentees who are in the process of learning and growing as well? 

Never be afraid to ask for help or advice! 


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