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Kim Van Walle

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Published on 23-07-2019

Tobania focusses on internal mobility: our employees first

"Internal mobility is win-win for both Tobania and its more than 1000 Tobians”, says Kim Van Walle, Corporate HR Business Partner at Tobania. Here’s why.

The ‘war for talent’ is here to stay. Month after month, the number of vacancies rises and no fewer than 92% of highly educated professionals already have jobs. So, how do you make sure all open positions are efficiently filled? “By getting the most out of your in-house talent”, says Kim Van Walle, Corporate HR Business Partner at Tobania. “A win-win strategy for both Tobania and its more than 1000 Tobians.” 

Smiling faces

“It’s almost irresponsible not to take full advantage of internal mobility”, Kim continues. “The prospect of appealing career opportunities is what keeps a lot of employees going, so it’s only logical for companies to offer growth paths to their own talent. They in turn will feel more motivated, which leads to higher productivity and a happier workforce. Consultancy at Tobania makes it possible for employees to work on different projects, so they can develop their soft and hard skills in different environments. Our corporate structure, which contains several business units and divisions, also allows for an effective internal mobility strategy. At Tobania, we don’t want employees that are stuck in a dead-end street, so that’s why we focus more and more on internal mobility.

“At Tobania, we walk the talk: employee growth has become part of our DNA.”

Internal job fair

“To actively promote this all-options-on-the-table policy, we organise an annual internal job fair. The last one was in May 2019. Everybody had the chance to get to know the other business units within Tobania and see what projects they carry out. Especially the many juniors within Tobania.Support appreciated this opportunity. That way, those young talents can see whether their current positions might be stepping stones towards other challenges, such as business development or consultancy. After 1 or 2 years, juniors can aim for different functions and we will be right there to guide them. There are possibilities in other business units or new projects at the customer.”

Individual growth paths

“If someone takes an interest in a different business unit or position, they first have an orientation meeting. During that talk, we verify if their intrinsic motivation is a match. After that, we lay out a growth path. For example, we offer training courses covering diverse topics, from testing automation to project and change management to social skills. There are several seniors, committed Tobians, who cooperate in our internal career paths and give training to other Tobians.  At this moment, our three-weeks junior class on testing has started – the ideal starting point to gain experience in this area. And obviously, we count on them to further enhance their newly gained skills through self-study and never stop learning.”

A future-proof approach

“At the moment, we are trying to outline different growth paths for our Tobians. Where do they see themselves in a couple of years and what does it take to get there? We fully realise that this is not an exact science, but we seek to improve chances of success by focussing on open communication, transparency and strong guidance. That benefits both sides: employees develop the skills to grow professionally, and we can place them in a wide range of projects. On top of that, they already know our company culture, which facilitates and shortens the onboarding process. In the long run, it generates great results for employee retention, reduces illness-related absence and keeps expertise in-house. The groundwork has been put in place but we can still work on more internal opportunities and growth for our Tobians. Therefore, we keep on challenging ourselves. New interesting projects, training programs and new business opportunities are the key.”

“Internal mobility is a long-term investment in the most important asset of your company: your people.”

5 Tobians inspire new candidates

“To ensure continuous innovation and manage our accelerating growth, we also need external inflow. Career opportunities are also a key point during job interviews. Basically, it comes down to this: everyone with a can-do attitude is welcome at Tobania. To put our money where our mouth is, we let 5 Tobians speak for themselves:

• Kristof Rongé

From … Junior Business Support Officer (Tobania.Support)
to … Business Manager (Tobania.Support)
in … 28 months.

“A lot of recent graduates – including myself at the time – don’t have specific professional targets, but at Tobania, you quickly get a sense of perspective. You are submerged in a lot of different business areas and HR guides you at every step of the way. The result? You soon discover where your ambitions lie and are propelled to achieve them from the very start. I got the chance to stand out as early as my very first project.” 


• Alexandre Laurent

From … Junior Business Support Officer (Tobania.Support)
to … ERP Consultant (Tobania.Finance)
in … 24 months.

“My top Tobania experience? Tobania sparks ambition by organising info sessions covering what the other business units are about. You immediately get the feeling that there are different destinations. And more importantly, Tobania will do everything they can to find a matching position if you decide to apply for a new challenge. The best proof: after 2 years, I now have a job that perfectly suits me.”


• Tom Rons

From … Application Engineer (Tobania.Support)
to … Test Specialist (Tobania.Testing)
in … 21 months.

“It has always been my dream to be a software developer, something I stated during my first interview at Tobania. To achieve that goal, I enrolled in an ‘Applied Informatics’ evening course and Tobania supports me with additional training courses. Meanwhile, I gain experience in the field. The internal mobility policy would be my main argument to convince friends and family to come work for Tobania.”


• Michael Gillaer

From … Junior Business Support Officer (Tobania.Support)
to … System Engineer (Corporate IT)
in … 72 months.

“My best advice to new Tobians? Discuss your ambitions openly during the assessment talks with your manager or HR colleague. Communication is key if you want to be able to grow. And if you want to find out what choices you have, participate in Tobania’s business events. They offer you an opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight and quickly expand your internal network.” 


  • Mathieu Verhoustraeten

From … Junior Business Support Officer (Tobania.Support)
to … HR Software Consultant (Toba HR Solutions)
in … 15 months.

“Tobania offers plenty of growth opportunities, but nobody will drop them in your lap. You need to make a name for yourself and prove you’re an asset. In other words: show motivation! Then, all options are on the table. I now have a job with variety, flexibility and responsibility – a perfect match. A big thanks to Tobania’s HR department who consistently follow up Tobians working on off-site projects.”    


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