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Lode Peeters

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Published on 29-08-2019

Working at Tobania… An all-inclusive experience!

Discover our movie about the all-inclusive experience at Tobania.

As a 100% Belgian Business & Technology Consulting firm, we’ve spent the last 5 years growing and fine-tuning our services.
Today, we have 1000 Tobians exceeding the expectations of over 600 happy customers. The result: several industry awards and a turnover of nearly €100 million per year.

To really spice things up, we launched Tobania 2.0 this summer. The key ingredients of our refined company course are co-creation, co-training and co-sourcing. We are our customer’s wingman!
In other words, our goal is to unite forces to make a difference in our 3-way offering: transforming people, business and technology.

Working at Tobania… An all-inclusive experience!

If you’re here, it means you take a special interest in Tobania. You’ve probably heard a lot about us, but just to make sure we’re on the same page, here’s what we have to offer:

  • challenging projects for a wide variety of clients
  • motivated and supportive colleagues
  • career opportunities for both starters and experienced professionals
  • on-the-job training and optional specialisation courses
  • flexible benefits and lots of fun

Want to get a glimpse behind the scenes? Check our employer branding movie!

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