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Do you hate crappy code and software? Do your friends describe you as an unlimited precisian? Do you see a world without software bugs as a personal goal? Three times a yes? Please read further! You understand like nobody else what developers need to help them build better technology. You are a communicative jack-of-all-trades: whether you're working with developers, product owners or business stakeholders, you're able to look through specialisms and love to talk with them. Always looking for a better solution and being pragmatic and committed is in your nature, in short, Agility is your second name. Triple check? You are the Software test specialist that we need!  

Since 2016 Tobania has started a testing unit with a focus on Quality Assurance in Agile/DevOps environments. Continuous Testing, API Testing, Test Automation, Service Virtualization, Performance Testing and Mobile Application Testing are today’s solutions that are part of this. This is your chance to become a part of our story and to help writing it!  


Today we are a team of 40 test-specialists: QA Engineers, Test automation specialists, test coaches and test architects. Each and every one of us is driven by the passion for testing and the will to be the best partner for our clients. We find open communication, teamwork, taking initiative and having an agile mindset non-negotiable. We share a common vision on top-notch quality assurance and a real passion for excellence. Furthermore, our community is key to us! We are eager to follow-up the latest testing trends and to share experiences and know-how: from each other, by peer to peer coaching and trainings, but also from the best in the world. One last example: day to day we work with tools and frameworks like: Selenium, Cucumber, BDD, Jenkins, Appium, etc.  


Summarizing, we call ourselves test-ninja’sActually, we don’t need to say more.  




Key aspects of being a test-ninja:  

  • Yes-I-can-do-it-all attitude from manual to automated, from planning to reporting 

  • Passionate about technology and always focused on quality  

  • Curious and open-minded  

  • Critical: always looking for the ‘why’ of things 

  • Always looking how testing can be improved and optimized 

  • Team- and client oriented: going for victory together  

  • Strongly believe in the collaboration between IT and business. The best solutions you build together! 

  • You love to be involved in a development process from A to Z and use your communication skills to get clients to jump on the ‘QA’ train. 


Interested in becoming a real Tobania Test-ninja? We love to hear what your software test experience is and what you would like to do!